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SUPERCLASS 1.2L VVT 12V specifications:
Engine emissions conformityAutomotive EURO-5 / EPA
Engine type3-Cylinder in-line DOHC / VVT
Displacement1200 cc.
Number of valves12
Cylinders blockaluminum
Cylinder headaluminum
Fuel delivery systemElectronic Multipoint Injection System with Electronic Throttle Control (DbW)
Ignition systemelectronic
Cooling systemliquid with front radiator and electric-fan (two-speed)
Engine pre-heater (electric)on request
Recommended fuel typeunleaded gasoline (RON/MON 95/85)
Electric starterstandard
Exhaust system3-way exhaust converter catalyst with dual lambda-probe and remote muffler
Max. power @ 5750 rpm82 ps
Max. torque @ 2750 rpm85 lb-ft / 115 nm
Drive pulley3-mass centrifugal clutch
Driven pulleytorque–sensing with rollers and variable-angle helix
Gear transmissionAP+2 with Direct Drive System (chainless)
Forward-gears2 (Low range / High range)
Reverse / Neutral gearstandard / standard
Trackshi-traction profile
Number of tracks2-Twin
Track carrying structurepolyester fabric and cord / rubber
Track-length (in./mm.)156 / 3968
Track-width (in./mm.)20+20 / 500+500 Twin